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SABA To Go is a sister restaurant of SABA, our award winning restaurant on Clarendon Street, Dublin 2. In the last year, we have added two more branches to our family tree. SABA To Go in Windy Arbour, Dundrum opened in October, 2015 and SABA To Go in Deansgrange opened in February 2017.

We believe everyone should eat great food every day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. That’s why you can find authentic and nutritious food at the SABA To Go take-aways.

Order fresh, restaurant quality dishes, pick up a delicious bottle of wine or why not indulge in one of our homemade desserts for the perfect night in.
Sanook! [Enjoy!]

Saba To Go Exterior Windy Arbour

Love healthy food? Love Saba to Go

At Saba to Go, we want you to feel good. That’s why we’ve created a new menu that gives you more healthy options than ever before and more information so you can make great choices. Try the food our hunter gatherer ancestors thrived on for millennia with our new Paleo dishes. Choose to stay trim with Saba Light and Saba Slim options. Order low GI to feel fuller for longer. Choose the very freshest, nutrient rich ingredients in authentic, naturally dairy and gluten free dishes. Choose all the convenience and taste of a takeaway, only now, also choose to eat healthy, live well and feel amazing.

The food we serve is healthy and nutritious — always. We aim for authenticity. That means valuing the knowledge and skills of our Thai and Vietnamese staff. Where possible they work with genuine, Asian-sourced ingredients to create great dishes just like back home; we fly fresh herbs and vegetables direct from Bangkok once a week. Otherwise, we source from Irish producers of quality.

The guilt-free takeaway!

Phad Thai

Our menu is Low GL and suitable for customers on the 5:2 diet. Our menu has a combination of allergen symbols and all dishes have been calorie counted and labelled

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • SABA SLIM under 250 calories (suitable for 5:2 fast diet)
  • SABA LIGHT under 400 calories (suitable for 5:2 fast diet)
  • Paleo

All our dishes at SABA also have a very Low glycemic load meaning they do NOT spike your insulin. Our dishes are wholesome and the more fibre, protein or fat in a food the less it will spike your insulin. For example, WHITE rice will spike insulin if eaten alone but mix with a coconut milk based curry and it will take down the overall glycemic load. Opt for brown rice, this is naturally low on the glycemic index because of its high fibre content.

We know life has gotten a lot faster, but hopefully we can help by providing you with delicious and healthy food — whenever, wherever. Ireland’s healthiest take away delivering nutritious, hot food to your desk or home.

Lee & Daniel Saba To Go

Our Kids Menu

Saba is part of the “Kids Size Me” joint initiative from the Nutrition and Health Foundation (NHF) and Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI). We offer super food for super little people so make sure to check out our Kids section on our menu.

Muire & George

Friends of the Earth

We are delighted to have teamed up with Friends of the Earth and help them raise awareness of the huge challenges facing us. At Saba To Go we have committed to donating 50cents for every Green Curry we sell.
Friends of the Earth campaigns for environmental justice and sustainability. We believe in sustainable development – meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. And we believe in fair shares – too often the poorest communities in the world are denied access to the natural resources essential to life, such as fresh water, while rich countries consume and pollute recklessly. Here in Ireland our top priority right now is to ensure this country does its fair share to prevent runaway climate change. You can play your part by signing up to Act for Climate. Together we can shift the balance.”
Green Curry 3 - Dinner

We’d like to think we react to our customer’s enquiries with speed and sincerity. Please call or email us if you have any feedback, we have a brilliant team standing by to assist you.

Thanks for your support,
The Team at Saba To Go


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Date Night Deal

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